Missions in West Africa

Ghana Well Drilling

The Xenia church of Christ helps to support the Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) located in Decatur, Alabama.  We send our support to this address:  GWAM   C/O Tucker, Scott, & Wates, LLC   P.O. Box 2125   Decatur, Alabama 35602.  GWAM is part of an effort begun by the Traverse City, Michigan Church of Christ in 1987 which has led to the drilling of over 1000 wells in northern Ghana that assists close to 2.5 million people to have clean, safe drinking water.

Ghana Evangelism (Cosmos Kaku)

 Cosmos Kaku; Ellembelle District; Ghana, West Africa. Cosmos Kaku ministers to 13 rural congregations of the church of Christ. His home congregation is the Asasetre church of Christ. The population of Asasetre is approximately 2000. Brother Kaku also trains bible teachers so that they are equipped to minister in the various local congregations. He conducts many house-to-house bible studies, and distributes bible tracts and materials. Cosmos utilizes public announcement radio every Sunday to further spread the gospel of Christ. Brother Kaku has been laboring for the cause of Christ for several decades and has brought many souls to Christ. He is zealous to preach and teach the gospel to as many as he possibly can. 

Ghana Evangelism (John Ackah Blay)

  John Blay; Jumoro Municipality; Ghana, West Africa. John Blay labors to teach and preach the gospel at his home congregation in Half-Assini. He also serves at six other local congregations. Brother Blay conducts a FM radio program at Ebiamo every Thursday. In spite of many denominations trying to discredit gospel preaching and teaching, John's efforts in preaching, teaching, and evangelism have resulted in many souls being brought to Christ. 
Evelyn Ackah, Lydia Blay, Hagar Blay, Emmanuel Dentil, Stephen Blay, Daniel Koomson, Angel Blay and Theodocia Bobenle and me John Ackah Blay.