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444 Country Club Drive
Xenia, Ohio

Our Gathering Times

Sunday Mornings

9:30 am for Bible Classes
 for all ages
10:30 am for worship

Wednesday Evenings

Bible Study begins at 7:00 pm

What To Expect

When you pull into our driveway, you will find designated "visitor" parking spaces in the front row. Don't be shy...they're for you! :) Once you are parked, you will enter through the glass doors under the car port. Someone will be there to greet you and welcome you. From there, you can find single serve communion and a church bulletin on the WELCOME desk on the left-hand side of our foyer...grab those!

If you are visiting us during our Bible Classes on Sunday at 9:30 am, you will go down the hallway to the left. Classrooms for children are clearly labeled above each doorframe. If you are an adult, you will go to the end of the hallway through the double doors. Find any seat you like and prepare to hear a lesson and engage in discussion (or just listen!).
If you need to stop by the restroom, you will find those down that hallway too! They are clearly labeled and will be on your righthand side.

If you are here for worship on Sunday at 10:30am, you will enter the Worship Hall to the righthand side of the foyer through the double wooden doors. They will probably be open and our church family will be going in preparing for worship and enjoying each other's company. Find any seat you are comfortable in!

Our worship service lasts about 60 minutes.  The men of the congregation lead our worship service. You can expect acapella singing, prayer, weekly communion, and a message usually given by our Pulpit Minister, Chuck. We also offer a time of giving. Please know we never expect our visitors to give...your presence is gift enough!

We want you to feel welcome! If there is anything you need or any questions you have, please ask! All of our members are willing to answer questions, or direct you to someone who will have an answer for you. You will almost always find Chuck and his wife, Melinda, at the double doors when you leave the worship hall.

Once service is over, please stick around!! We would love to meet you and are so honored you visited with us.  

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