India Missions

 Paul Renganathan

Paul Renganathan; Chennai, India; Southeast coast of India; population approximately 87,000. His home congregation is West Anna Nagar church of Christ in Chennai. He labors in teaching and preaching the gospel and conducts "street preaching", tent meetings and home bible studies. Paul conducts World Bible School correspondence courses and distributes bible tracts and materials. Brother Ranganathan teaches periodically at the local bible college. He continually faces the challenges of having enough workers to ensure that the gospel of Christ is spread to as many as possible. His efforts have resulted in many souls being brought to Christ.
Paul and Dorethy Renganathan of Chennai, India

John Ratnam Barre

John Ratnam Barre; Rampachodavaram; South India; population approximately 51,000. John Ratnam Barre ministers to a congregation of approximately 1200 members. He also preaches at a local congregation of about 80 members. Brother Barre conducts many personal home bible studies, as well as "door knocking" campaigns and "street preaching". John also conducts bible correspondence courses. Brother Barre ministers to patients at the Christian hospital there. He also is involved with a local children's home which accommodates about 350 children. As a result of John's labors, many individuals have obeyed the gospel and dedicated their life to Christ.