Jeremiah Tree

The Jeremiah Tree is a men's residential, full time, life-intensive experience with a mission to help men find freedom from addiction through transformation by Christ at no cost to the residents.  The "Tree House", pictured below, is the ministry's recovery house and is located in the countryside near New Jasper, OH while the “Green House” is the transition house to allow men to grow in a controlled environment and rejoin the workforce while staying engaged with mentors. We support the Jeremiah Tree with monetary contributions as well as we have several members who serve on the board and volunteer teaching bible classes.

Through this ministry, the church is supporting men in the community who are struggling with drug addition and are committed to changing their life through Christ’s power of transformation.  We believe that a change in one man’s life will have a ripple affect through not only his family and friends but also the community in which he lives, works, and serves.”

Green House

Tree House

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