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Update from Efiong Umoh of Nigeria

 This is a message of deep gratitude  concerning the water well our congregation helped to provide! 

That's the water, God almighty bless you and the brethren over there in Jesus name Amen.
We are very grateful and excited for this love you had for us, God shall reward you in those good works and the brethren who in one way support this work Amen.

Update from Zachery Holmes 

Latest as of October, 2023

Dear Brethren,
We are fast approaching our 2023 India campaign.  On October 30 our team will depart from Nashville heading to India; we will arrive back on November 17.  We desire your continued prayers for us and our families as we seek to do the will of the Lord in India.  The following members make up the team this year:                            
       Hugh Wayne Clark – elder, Willette church of Christ  
Glenn Holmes – elder, West Huntsville church of Christ
Jack Honeycutt – minister, Willette church of Christ
Ralph Richardson – minister, New Hope church of Christ, Readyville, TN.
Sam Willcut – minister, Montrose church of Christ, Carthage, TN.
Zackery Holmes – India Mission coordinator
This year we have plans to do work in 5-7 areas.  We will begin in the northeastern part of Andhra Pradesh and continue our campaign towards the southeast, even into a neighboring state.  We will preach the gospel in remote mountainous areas and in fertile farming lands.  We will preach in large cities and in the smallest of villages.  We will stay in hotels, in the homes of our brethren, and even in tents (this we are excited to experience).
Our goal is to visit as many locations as possible during this campaign.  This means many miles will be traveled, many congregations will be visited, many souls will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is possible that all six team members could preach at least twice daily over a two-week period.  This means the Gospel would be proclaimed over 150 times!  May God be glorified in all that we do.
Thank you for your interest and prayers,
Zackery Holmes

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Update from Cosmos Kaku

From Cosmos Kaku: "To the glory of God yesterday, Sunday we had one woman baptized. The Lord added her to His church. Praise the Lord."

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